What is P2P?
P2P stands for Peer-to-Peer platform which allows users to buy and sell digital assets, such as Bitcoin, Tether and other cryptocurrencies, directly between users.

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Who’s eligible for trading on Fokawa P2P platform?
Anyone with an Fokawa account which has been KYC-verified using the local ID of the country for which they want to trade (Currently available in China, India, Vietnam) is eligible for trading on the P2P platform. As shown below, higher amounts can be traded as you complete more KYC identification:

Users Verified with Indian documents
Users Verified with Vietnamese documents
Users Verified with Mainland Chinese documents

< INR 5,000 per month
< VND 15 million per month
< CNY 2,000 per month
(lifetime limit of CNY 10,000)

< INR 3,000,000 per month
< VND 150 million per month
< CNY 1 million per month

Verified Merchant
< INR 5,000,000 per month
< VND 3 billion per month
< CNY 2 million per month
Before you can start trading, you will have to complete both mobile verification and email verification. Each phone number and email address can only be used in one account.

Start trading now: https://www.fokawa.com/p2p-markets

Am I trading with Fokawaon the FokawaP2P platform?
No. You’re trading with Fokawa users and verified advertisers on the P2P platform. Fokawa provides a secure platform for Fokawa users and verified advertisers to trade with each other.

Are there any fees for using the Fokawa P2P platform?
Fokawa does not charge any fees to customers who buy or sell cryptocurrencies on the P2P platform.
When purchasing cryptocurrencies from another customer on Fokawa P2P platform, you are buying at a rate set by the customers themselves.
Before you go into a trade with another customer, make sure you have evaluated the offers available. Go here for a platform overview.
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What payment methods are available on the Fokawa P2P platform?
The Fokawa P2P platform support various widely used payment options and the payment options are available vary from one currency pair to another (such as CNY, INR, VND):

INR: Bank Transfer,IMPS and UPI;
VND: Bank transfer;
CNY: Bank transfer, WeChat Pay, and AliPay.
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How does the Fokawa P2P platform ensure secure trading between buyers and sellers?
The Fokawa P2P platform makes use of the escrow technology to ensure a fair trade experience for all users. When a trade starts, the cryptocurrency from the advertiser’s wallet is automatically moved into the Fokawa escrow where it will be held until the transaction is completed.

If a buyer makes the payment but the advertiser refuses to release the cryptocurrency, the secure escrow serves as a guarantee. The advertiser’s cryptocurrency will stay in escrow until Fokawa moderators step in to investigate the situation and award the cryptocurrency to the deserving party.
The cryptocurrency in the Fokawa escrow will return to the advertiser’s wallet if the buyer fails to pay for the trade.

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What is an advertisement?
An “advertisement” is a buy or sell order of cryptocurrencies posted on the P2P marketplace at a specified price. Both regular traders or “verified advertisers” can post advertisements on Fokawa P2P.

What are the benefits of becoming a verified advertiser? How do I become one?
Any Fokawa trader can post advertisements on the P2P platform, however “verified advertisers” are trusted traders who have been vetted by the Fokawa team. You can identify them by seeing a blue checkmark next to their trader ID. Typically, verified advertisers contribute larger volumes to P2P and in turn receive exclusive benefits from Fokawa for doing so.

If you would like to become a verified advertiser, please submit your application here: https://www.Fokawa.com/p2p/merchant-apply

Can I post an advertisement if I’m not a verified advertiser?
Yes, any Fokawa trader can post an advertisement on the Fokawa P2P platform, and even share the specific order to your peers on social media.

What are the differences between a Floating Priced Order and a Fixed Priced Order?
From the user perspective, you may not notice the two from the order list, but the two types of order have a significant difference to advertisers.

When creating an ad, the advertiser can choose either fixed price or floating price.

Fixed Price- If an advertiser chooses “fixed price”, the price of the ad does not change regardless of the fluctuation in the respective digital currency’s index price.

Floating Price- If an advertiser chooses “floating price”, the price of the ad will be automatically updated so it stays in the same percentage of the index price.

To create a floating priced ad, the advertiser needs to fill out the field “% of index”. For example, if you would like to add a premium of 1.5% to your selling price, “% of index” of your ad will be 101.5%.

In a floating price order, the advertiser can set a Trigger Price.

Let’s say you are creating an ad selling bitcoin with a 1.5% premium, and you would only want to start selling which bitcoin market price is at least INR 730,000. In that case, the ad’s trigger price should be set at INR 730,000. The order will only be revealed in the order list if the floating price is higher than INR 730,000.

So what about creating a buying ad? You’re creating an ad buying bitcoin at a price 3% lower than market rate, and you will stop buying if the market price is above INR 740,000. You should set the “% of index” at 97%, and “trigger price” at INR 740,000. The order will only be revealed in the order list if the floating price is lower than INR 740,000.

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